Runway Academics 5

This book goes with book 5 of the Runway Series. There is only one more book set to finish the entire Runway program.

Runway Academics 6

Congratulations on reaching the last book series in the Runway program. Lift Off is next. Nice work!

Lift Off Academics 1

This is the academic sister book of Lift Off 1. Learn more advanced English and Math language.

Lift Off Academics 2

Learn more advanced English with US School Language Arts and Math courses.

Lift Off Academics 3

This is the 3rd book which goes with Lift Off book 3. Use the two books together for best results.

Lift Off Academics 4

Learn more English by studying these lessons in Language Arts and Science together.

Lift Off Academics 5

You are almost finished with another series. Use this book together with Lift Off Book 5.

Lift Off Academics 6

Great job! You finished the entire Lift Off Series. Ask you teacher to assign a new program now.

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Korea Book Purchase:

For private adacemies and for public schools in Korea...

Please request pricing information through your local Education City representative.

Bank to Bank transfers should reference this number:

NongHyup Bank / Intex / 302-1182-2260-21

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